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Evidos: 2022 in review, new features upcoming!

AUTHOR: Evidos product team

As we go into 2023 we would like to celebrate all we have done and share a preview of what's coming op on short notice.

We kicked off 2022 with a continuation of our mission to make all processes digitally possible with the right level of digital evidence. We added these features to make that happen:

  1. Qualified signing via mobile apps, with itsme and ZealID

  2. Portal improvements: better transaction creation and management

  3. Better developer expericence around creating applications with Evidos

  4. Lots of language improvements in our email, portal and receipts

  5. Tripled our transaction capacity to enable all our new customers and partners to continue their digital growth

The biggest user favorites of 2022

One of the main requests we received past year was to enable people to send out their own reminders, instead of having to wait for our automated reminder to be sent out. Our manual reminder feature, where you can distribute the invite link yourself from the portal, was therefore welcomed the most!

Next up, a lot of customers wanted to protect the documents from being viewed when sent out via the email. We added two factor authentication for signers in our portal, so when sending out a sign invite, you can specify a mobile number. Only the right signer with access to that number will be able to open and view the documents!

What we’re most excited about in the new year

Portal UX / UI overhaul

As you might have noticed, in the past few months we asked you twice to provide feedback and complete some assignments to validate our new Portal wireframes. We are finishing up the design stage for our new dashboard and overall portal look and feel, and that will mean that we can go in beta for our new portal design in a few months! Thanks again to all participants in our tests, this really helped us validate our ideas and the placement of certain elements. And for those of you that missed a splash of colour... Don't worry, you just saw the wireframes, the actual design will definitely feature some modern and crisp colours!

Some items we want to add as part of our UX improvements are also requested a lot by you:

  • Drag and drop placement of the signature location in a document

  • Seeing your co-workers documents and transactions

  • Address book

  • More templating options

We will keep you posted on this page about our design overhaul and when the first portal screens will go in beta for you to start working with!

What's coming up on short notice

We have been working on some great additions, which we will release in two weeks time. (Wednesday 18th)

2 factor login to our portal. Use an Authenticator app such as Windows or Google authenticator to log into our portal. Read more about it here.

Document viewer in the portal. While we are building the drag and drop signature feature meantioned above, we are now ready to ship the foundation to make this happen, a document viewer! This enables you to see the document after uploading, and also does away with the fillable document checkbox as we now automatically load in the form fields, saving you a click! More information here.

More information on transaction details. This enables you to see:

  • When will the next reminder go out

  • When a transaction will expire

  • Detailed information when verification methods are used

More info here.

Feedback is a gift!

Perhaps it goes without saying, but nothing we shipped in 2022 would have been possible without your amazing feedback! As always, we welcome any thoughts, questions, concerns, or feedback you may have. And encourage you to continue to engage with us just as much in the new year!

On behalf of our entire team: we wish you all a happy new year and look forward to work together in 2023!

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