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Evidos feature release 25/05

AUTHOR: Evidos product team
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Announcing new portal and receipt functionality

Giving our customers more control over our application is of high importance for us. We released three new features to help with that:

  • For all users:

    • Transaction receipts will now automatically contain all languages used while signing. Read the previous announcement and roadmap item here.


  • For portal users:

    • The main language of your transaction receipts will now automatically be the same language you use your portal in. No more asking us to configure this for you. You have control over your portal language in your settings page.

    • Notifications you receive per mail, eg. signer one has just signed, are now automatically translated to your portal language.

    • Delete transactions. After all signers have signed, you now have the possibility to manually delete transaction information such as the signed documents and sensitive contents returned by verification methods such as phone numbers or personal numbers. This will instantly remove this data from our servers, instead of having to wait the regular cleanup period (usually 30 days).

These features have just been rolled out

As a portal user you can delete transactions from the transaction detail page straight away. Your receipts will automatically be multi language, and you can use your portal language settings to influence the language of your notification emails and main receipt langauge.

As an api user, your receipts will automatically be multilanguage. You can use the transaction language parameter released earlier to influence the main langauge and email notifications

Let us know your feedback of these features on our product page!

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