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Evidos fixes and features friday 10/6

AUTHOR: Evidos product team

Early next week, we will release new features. Read below what this release will contain!

Feature: Developer application management


We improved our registered postback page. We now generate a shared secret code when you create a postback, instead of giving this one out only once when you register your APPkey. This should make postback management and security much easier and more logical.

This also means you can now receive postbacks from transactions created in the portal. This can really help keeping systems up to date, or even automatically downloading signed files in another system but still create transactions in the portal.

Check the page improvements out here.

See our guide here for this page:

Please note, if you still use our API to pass along a postback url in the POST, you will need to switch over to the postback management page to start using these features.


You are now in control to manage your own Appkeys, and no longer need us to create/reset your Appkeys. The actual link to this page will be published on release, subscribe to the roadmap item linked to this message to get notified when the link is available.


  • We will add some new icons to the pages in our portal, to better highlight on what page you are, such as support, branding, billing and user management.

  • When using Qualified signatures under European supervision, such as itsme sign and ZealiD, the signatures will be fully PAdES B-LT comform following the latest ETSI guidelines.


  • On the mobile browser signing environment, the language picker correctly shows the languages when you use a dark background for your branding.

  • We fixed a rare bug where changing an email address of an unverified user could result in that user not being able to be activated anymore.

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