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Evidos fixes and features release 18/05

AUTHOR: Evidos product team

We fixed some bugs and improved the quality of some of our features in today's release. Read below for our release notes.


  • Removed broken link to signed documents when using authentications. We used to send out an email with a non-working link to download the signed files when any signer was using authentications during the signing process. This non-working link has been taken out, and will be replaced in the future with a more secure way of getting the document through an emailed link when authentications are used. In the meantime, signed documents can be downloaded as an PDF attachment if you have that setting turned on in your portal settings (it's turned on by default).

  • Improvements for automatic invoicing for our montly/yearly users.

  • We improved our services reboot logic after any hosting downtime, so impact should be reduced to an absolute minimum.


  • Your custom branding is shown in the viewer now when using ZealiD, instead of our generic branding.

  • We are now better able to handle PDF A documents with specific embedded images when using itsme Sign.

  • We fixed a problem with our DigiD connector in our portal, where entering an empty or invalid value for the BSN could result in unexpected behaviour.

  • Using authentications in the portal to let signers log in before seeing the document now works more reliably for older accounts.

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