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Evidos portal updates

AUTHOR: Evidos product team

We’ve made some changes to our product to make it more user-friendly. We improved the portal in two ways:

  • The settings page has been decluttered.

  • You can now navigate to our entire portal from your account and password management page.

These features are available right now!

Help us build your dream dashboard

We are overhauling our portal UX in a big way. For this, we can really use your input to help us understand if the dashboard improvements we want make sense for you. Be involved in our research by clicking the link below, and explore the new dashboard!

Settings page

The current settings page was becoming more cluttered with different options, so we’ve reorganised it into a more clearer hierarchy. This should help users find the options they’re looking for more easily. Furthermore, you can now more easily select multiple default verification methods. This was less clear in the old UI.

Take a look on your settings page.

Account management screen

We’ve also released a new version of our account creation and login screen. Now, users can see the rest of the portal menu when creating their password for the first time, or when changing their password. This should help users find their way around the portal more easily. This also makes room for the new feature we are working on, 2 factor login into the portal.

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