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Introducing Enhanced Formfields in API - Streamline Your Digital Signing Experience!

AUTHOR: Evidos product team

We are thrilled to announce the latest update to our API, which now includes support for api generated formfields for more than one signer.

In the past, when creating formsets in the api, these fields would be open and any signer could interact with them and fill out their data, and only the information the last person filled in would actually be saved.

Now, we only show the interactive form field to the actual signer it's meant for, and only store information that this signer filled in during signing.

This api feature will also serve as a basis for drag and drop formfields in our portal, coming later.

Some example usecases:

  • A person is signing a loan request, and needs to complete some fields and make a choice between interest rates. The partner co-signs, but should not fill out any data or interact with what signer 1 filled out.

  • Your organization works with a template document. Your sales colleague is on the phone with a potential customer, and is the first signer of the document. They fill out some information in the contract for the customer like the details and price. The customer is signer 2 on the same document, and fills out the final information to make the contract complete, like their address details and any addons they want.

This feature is documented here.

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