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New feature delivery for the Evidos app and ID Proof

AUTHOR: Evidos product team

Hello Evidos Community,

At Evidos, we are dedicated to providing you with an advanced digital experience that simplifies your document management and identification requirements. We are pleased to introduce a set of new features aimed at enhancing your user experience, particularly in the context of document signing.

Let's delve into what's new:

Online Passport and ID Validation:

  • Have you ever wanted a more straightforward way to validate your passport or ID card? Your request has been granted!

  • Our latest feature enables you to validate your passport and ID card directly within the Evidos app.

  • Step-by-step guidance ensures a straightforward process.

  • You can perform a lifeness check, capture photos of the document's front and back, and even utilize NFC validation—all in under a minute!

Scan and Sign on iOS:

  • iOS users, say goodbye to the days of handling physical contracts.

  • Our Scan and Sign feature for iOS allows you to scan incoming physical contracts from within the app.

  • The app seamlessly reconstructs the document, enabling you to digitally sign and send it back to the sender—all without leaving the app.

Universal Document Conversion on IOS:

  • We've streamlined the document upload process on iOS by introducing the capability to convert DOCX, JPG, PNG, and more into PDFs.

  • Now, you can upload various document formats directly from your mobile device and have them automatically converted into PDFs, ready for signing.

Real-Time Document Editing on iOS:

  • Ever needed to make last-minute changes to a document? We've got you covered!

  • Our iOS users can now add or edit text within documents seamlessly.

  • Forgot to include critical information or working with a standard document template? No problem—make on-the-fly adjustments to text size, color, and style directly within the app.

These additions are designed to provide you, our valued users, with increased control and convenience when it comes to digital identification and document management, particularly in the crucial area of document signing. We understand the importance of signing in your workflows and are dedicated to ensuring a smooth process.
Stay tuned for more updates in the near future. To stay informed about the latest enhancements, remember to subscribe to our roadmap.

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