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New feature release: secure download

AUTHOR: Evidos product team
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We are excited to announce the latest updates to SignHost that make the platform even more powerful and secure.

  • Secure download for signed documents

  • IPv6 support

  • Bug fix for iDIN signing

Introduction of Secure Download for Signed Documents

We have introduced a new feature called Secure Download for signed documents. You can turn on secure download for an individual signer by adding a parameter to the API create transaction call. This will secure the links to those specific signers with the same authentication method used for the signer's authentication. If you do not wish to send email to the signer, you can also turn it off in our API and just receive the secure download link in the API response to distribute yourself.

We automatically turn off attachments when you turn on secure download for a specific signer, as an attachment would undo the secure attachment link. If you do not turn on secure download for a signer, they will receive the normal download link and attachments by mail if you turned on attachments.

Important Information

Secure download now just encompasses the signed document. We do not send the receipt to those signers. Receipts will be added at a later date. Secure download is now available in our API. The portal will follow later.

See an example of the API call below. SecureDownload can be used with all Authentications.

      "Authentications": [
          "Type": "PhoneNumber",
          "Number": "+31612345678",
          "SecureDownload": true

We give back the download link in the API response, GET and Postback per signer in the following format:

"ShowUrl": ""

Support for IPv6

SignHost now supports IPv6 in addition to IPv4. This will provide several benefits such as better security, improved scalability, and increased network flexibility. With IPv6, users can take advantage of more efficient routing, larger address space, and better packet handling. This is in line with the mandatory adioption of IPv6 as required by many governments around the world.

Bugfix for iDIN signing

We have fixed a bug in the signing environment, where clicking back from the bank overview during an IDIN verification resulted in an error screen. With this fix, users can smoothly complete the signing process without any interruptions.

We hope these updates will enhance your signing experience and provide you with better security and flexibility.

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