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ID Proof

New version ID Proof

AUTHOR: Evidos product team

We released a new version of ID Proof, with lots of improvements around multilanguage and international documents.

  • Users will automatically start the ID Proof process based on their preferred browser language. So Dutch, German, French and Spanish people will automatically be served in their language. English will be the default language.

  • As mentioned above, we added three more languages to ID Proof, German, French, Spanish, to bring the total to five next to the already existing Dutch and English.

  • We made improvements in the handling of ID cards so all fields of all versions are now more reliably returned in the dossier and postback.

  • We added a strict check on the document type in our OCR solution. It is no longer possible to still perform validations with documents which were not chosen beforehand, such as driver's licences or residence cards. The document types used are communicated more clearly in the dossier.

  • We added configurtation options for the .PDF dossier name, so it can contain for example the name of the person identifying, or a parameter.

  • The parameter, which could be given to the transaction in the url (?q=) to more easily identify which user performed an ID Proof, now not only comes back in the Postback under the reference field, but also in the return URL.

  • Furthermore we performed general bugfixing.

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