Signhost Portal

Improve portal security with 2 factor login

STAGE: Complete

We are adding two factor authentication to our portal. This secures the login to our system.

Two-factor authentication is when you use something like a code from a phone app in addition to your password to login. We're looking into using TOTP via authenticator apps to provide this service. Totp is a time-based one-time password algorithm.

As a user, you can secure your portal with the authenticator app. If you lost your app, you can enter a recovery code, which you received when linking the app.

If you lost both your codes and your app, your portal admin can help you recover your account.

As a portal admin, you can see who has 2fa active, so it's easy to contact users who have not done this yet. At a later stage we will look at functionality for portal admins to enforce 2fa for their users.

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