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2 factor download documents

STAGE: Complete

Evidos supports authentication, where you need to prove your identity before viewing the documents.

Subsequent sharing of signed documents however is not authenticated.

We are looking into securing the download links the same way the signing links are secured.

We plan to finish work on 2fa for documents after the 2fa for portal login goes live.

  • The downloadlink to download files after signing can be optionally secured with an extra security factor via 2 factor, such as SMS.

  • Without turning on this setting for an individual signer, the behaviour in our service stays as is now (open download link)

  • These links are distributed by our email service when distributing the signed document and receipt.

  • These links are returned in our api for customers to distribute themselves.

  • We expect to calculate extra credits per signer in a transaction for whom this is enabled, at the moment the transaction is created, just like we do with the sms/digid authentication/verification.

See an example of the API call below. SecureDownload can be used with all Authentications.

      "Authentications": [
          "Type": "PhoneNumber",
          "Number": "+31612345678",
          "SecureDownload": true

We give back the download link in the API response, GET and Postback per signer in the following format:

"ShowUrl": ""
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