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Multi-language receipt

STAGE: Complete

We want to improve our receipt for multiple languages. That way, our receipts are fully multilanguage and all parties in a signing transaction can understand and use the receipt. Futhermore, you will receive a receipt in a language you have control over through your portal language.

  • Portal users will automatically get receipts in their portal language. Right now we need to configure this for you. (In the api specifying the receipt language was already possible)

  • New GO users and customers will not be confronted with Dutch receipts anymore by default

  • We have a distinction between main language and secondary languages

  • The senders language is the main language

  • If signers use a different language than the sender language in the viewer while signing, this will be added to the receipt as a secondary language

  • All parties in the transaction will still get the same receipt, but see also their language displayed

  • This is similar to how on the drivers license and passport multiple languages are listed


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