April 2022
Signhost API

ZealiD Qualified signing method

STAGE: Complete

Easy Qualified Signing

In recent years, it has been difficult to obtain qualified electronic signatures, as signers usually required smart cards, card readers or USB tokens. Recently, in EU countries such as Belgium, this became easier as signers were able to create qualified electronic signatures for free with apps. We have been working with itsme for the Belgian market for some time now and are pleased to announce that itsme is now also available for Dutch signatories.

This means that applying for qualified electronic signatures has become a no-brainer, and itsme is available in all our packages.

If the target group is drawing from all over Europe, it makes sense to look for a pan-European qualified solution. Evidos has integrated ZealiD for this. ZealiD makes it possible for any European citizen to activate a qualified signing app within 15 minutes at no cost to the signers. It gives cross-border organizations a valid and easy-to-use way to put qualified signatures on sensitive contracts and agreements. ZealiD is integrated into our Evidos API signing solution.

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